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Name:Ianto Jones, Assassin, & Will Kanaris, Time Agent
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Community description:The place where Time Agents become assassins.
This is a community for fics set in [personal profile] cazmalfoy's assassin!ianto series.


All stories in this 'verse contain slash (Jack/Ianto), some Gwen bashing, MPreg and occasional smut.

The Series (so far) in order :

How It All Began
Memories Are Made Of This
Never The Same Again
Learn From The Past, Live For The Future
Hands Of Destiny
Sins Of The Fathers
Prologue To The Past
Co-written with [personal profile] teachwriteslash
Children of Earth

One shots

Wedding Night
Distant Drumming
Before Life Got In The Way
Family Portrait
Too Many Hormones In One Room


Lonely Battle Cry

In the aftermath of the 456's invasion, Jack struggles to come to terms with his actions and what his motivations were.



Torchwood Cardiff has been rebuilt and they've moved on. Will Ianto be able to forgive Jack and let him back into their lives?


Torchwood: A New Generation

London has been rebuilt and Torchwood is now a family run business. Everything seems to be fine, until UNIT call in a favour...


Take Control of Destiny

Jack and Ianto find themselves accidentally re-writing history. Or were things always meant to turn out this way?


Peices of a Puzzle

What exactly is the Time Agency, and what plans does the Commander have for young Will Kanaris and Ianto Jones?


Necessary Deception

The Face of Boe has played a big part of the Doctor's life, but what's his story?



Version 1 of the Harkness-Jones family tree is here.

Blue is the 21st Century and Purple is the 23rd Century. Black is the 51st Century. Any blank spaces have been left on purpose.


Poster made by the wonderful [profile] katekate1010

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alice harkness-jones, assassin!ianto, cali ryman, dominic harkness-jones, felix ryman, gywn ryman, ianto jones, jack harkness, jack/ianto, julian trahern, mark harkness-jones, rory harkness-jones, the time agency, torchwood, will kanaris
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